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Forget The Cover It’s All About Fashion

There are a few things I’m left wondering while watching this video – first of all, where did she find that amazing t-shirt? I need that in my t-shirt drawer and I need it now. Secondly, maybe more importantly, does anyone else think her two teeth look strategically placed? Thirdly, did she take air guitar lessons? Bitch can crank that shit!

If you wait til the very end, you’ll notice she has really impressive range.


A Radiohead Cover with A Bonus

The only way to make an already incredibly great cover better is to listen to it while watching people fall. I don’t care if you fall on your ass, on your face, on your head (ok, a little bit on your head, I’m not the heartless bitch you thought I was!) it’s gonna be funny to me.

When I played soccer in high school, my favorite part next to actually playing was watching the other girls take ungraceful faceplants after tripping over the ball.

In college, my friends and I would sit on the curb outside of our building and watch girls walk the “catwalk” in their super high heels and just wait to watch them topple over in slo-mo. Every day, multiple times a day we were treated to laughing our asses off.

And now, I bring you a fantastic choir cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” to be enjoyed while watching girls fall over hurdles.

Happy Birth… World!

My twitter followers and facebook friends got an early taste of this but I can’t stop watching because my day has been shitty and this little nugget of sweetness is melting my heart into a pool of lesbian goo and now it’s all over my office desk and the custodial staff is going to shit a brick when they see the mess I’ve left them.

I want this kid to be my personal snuggle monster. We can eat chips together and Flowbee each other’s hair and then start our own singing telegram company.

Autotune The BET Awards

I said gottdamn, this is the best award show appearance in the history of award show appearances. Antoine Dodson, the king of the “Hide ya kids hide ya wife” meme, was asked to perform a cover of his infamous news interview at the BET awards.

My favorite part of this has got to be the audience reaction; everyone is singing along to this jam.