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Jon Lovitz Will Do Just About Anything These Days

There are a few wonderful things about this guy besides his uncanny likeness to Jon Lovitz. First of all, maybe it’s his eyebrows, but he looks very sincere. Secondly, his song of choice is Haddaway’s “What is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me), which is pretty awesome. Ok, so, apparently there are only two wonderful things about him. Really, his singing is about as good as Keenan Cahill’s lip dubbing skills (not good at all you guys).


Even Whitney Houston Knows Crack is Whack

The next video is basically the entire reason why I started a blog like this. Here is a girl, probably 13 or 14 years old, whose parents have left her alone with her computer and copy of The Bodyguard soundtrack. It seems to me that this girl doesn’t understand that a) “I Will Always Love You” is not an easy song to sing and b) just because you’ve recorded something, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to put it up. That being said, I’m certainly happy she shared this with the world.

Prepare yourself for a freak out.

Take Your Momma Out

My goodness, for some reason I didn’t think the Scissor Sister’s song “Take Your Mama Out” would be so difficult to cover – but apparently it is. Also, there are a whole lotta dudes trying to flex their guitar muscles on this one, but they need a steady dose of

This dude totally had me prepared to sign him to Ellen’s new record label – look how cute his hat is!! And he plays guitar, what could go wrong? Oh man, the singing. It’s awful. I mean, the dude can rock a bit of a falsetto but that’s about it.

This guy employs the “cut off the top of the head” technique so I can’t tell how cute he is but he’s got a little accent that he sings with which is kind of adorbs for a grown-up bearded man. If it were summertime and the living was easy, I’d probably like this more – but sadly it’s not and my judgement hasn’t been clouded by 80 degree weather.

NKOTB "Summertime" Cover is Tough

Back in my elementary school days The New Kids on The Block were like the greatest thing since slap bracelets. All of my friends chose one boy to adore and make living shrines to on their bedroom walls. I chose Jonathan because he was quiet, no one else wanted him and I was gay and didn’t know who else to pick but it certainly wasn’t going to be Danny.

Turns out my choice was for the best since Jonathan and I don’t like each others’ genitals.

Anywho, I must be nostalgic or something because today when I went to YouTube the only thing I could think of was NKOTB. I ended up finding covers of their song “Summertime” – but while I know it’s a new song, it sounds like it was from the Joey Joe McCintyre pre-pubescent years.

At first I thought it was a fluke:

But then this dude came along and I’m like…woah.

Come back when your testicles drop boys.

It’s A Cover-Off!

“Sweet Child of Mine” is a favorite amongst drunken karaoke singers (and dancers, don’t forget the dancers because the song is really all about that sweet hip swerve move Axl does at the mic).
In this corner, we’ve got a cute tweener whose friend acts and sounds suspiciously like Miley Cyrus:

In this corner we’ve got a little dude who will most likely turn to a life of crime if you don’t pick him. Don’t fuck with the silver-plated cross!

And in some weird news, Axl Rose was the first dude with long hair that I ever found attractive…notsomuch anymore.

Alright, who did the better cover!