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Most Adorable Cover Ever

Sorry everyone else who does covers in 2011, I’ve already found someone you can’t top. First of all, A+++++++++++++ for song choice. Secondly, are you fucking kidding me with this? She CAN SING. Like, I want to dance backup in this little girl’s band. Is it sad that I’m jealous of her and she’s like, what, four or five years old?


Whip Mah Hair Done Right

This chick can sing! I love to dance as much as the next Keegan Roberts, but sometimes a slowed down bluesy R&B version of a dance jam can appease my ears more than their original. This chick is the official

A Radiohead Cover with A Bonus

The only way to make an already incredibly great cover better is to listen to it while watching people fall. I don’t care if you fall on your ass, on your face, on your head (ok, a little bit on your head, I’m not the heartless bitch you thought I was!) it’s gonna be funny to me.

When I played soccer in high school, my favorite part next to actually playing was watching the other girls take ungraceful faceplants after tripping over the ball.

In college, my friends and I would sit on the curb outside of our building and watch girls walk the “catwalk” in their super high heels and just wait to watch them topple over in slo-mo. Every day, multiple times a day we were treated to laughing our asses off.

And now, I bring you a fantastic choir cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” to be enjoyed while watching girls fall over hurdles.

Beat Boxing for Club Kids

Are you ready? I’m not sure you are. What you are about to witness is pretty much the best beat-boxing I’ve ever seen (and yes I actually have seen a lot). Also, this kid is really cute and I like that he and his dad/random man walking through the doorway are wearing matching tank tops. Also, pretty sure the older dude has no pants on (:08).


Glee Gets INto An Empire State of Mind

I have a feeling I’m going to have to dedicate an entire category to all the songs the Glee cast covers. Surprisingly enough, I don’t hate this one – well done!

Katy Perry be Damned!

I am NOT a fan of Katy Perry’s latest album (or really the album before this) but stumbled upon this cover by a young lady whose voice has somehow pulled a Ronald Miller on this song and made it go from geek to chic.

That being said, this little boy has managed to take it from chic right on back to geek and a side of why bother lip synching for YouTube when you obviously don’t know the words to this dumb song.

You know what’s weird – at first glance I thought this might be Jonathan Lipnicki, but that kid actually ended up being good-looking! This guy does get bonus points for his little neck movements though.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Kelis

Kelis’s milkshake totally brings me to the yard and her latest album, Flesh Tone, is the JAM but she can also cover one hell of a Eurythmics song. Here’s her version of “Sweet Dreams” which she performed on Later with Jools Holland.