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Someone Hit A Wall

When I see a stage all set up and ready for some musicians, I expect a better sound than a cat in heat. Unfortunately what we have is a bunch of old dudes who probably haven’t picked up instruments since their parents forced them to try clarinet in 4th grade. How did this happen? Who is responsible for this? And why is the tempo more slow than the original. I mean, if you’re going to subject an audience to this, at least speed the shit up. I’m talking techno 1:30 minute version. Ugh, pass me the Wild Turkey.
EMBED-God-Awful Band Butchers Pink Floyd – Watch more free videos


Even Whitney Houston Knows Crack is Whack

The next video is basically the entire reason why I started a blog like this. Here is a girl, probably 13 or 14 years old, whose parents have left her alone with her computer and copy of The Bodyguard soundtrack. It seems to me that this girl doesn’t understand that a) “I Will Always Love You” is not an easy song to sing and b) just because you’ve recorded something, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to put it up. That being said, I’m certainly happy she shared this with the world.

Prepare yourself for a freak out.

Kim Dong Won is Basically My Dream Lover

When is Kim Dong Won going to stop teasing us and just come out with an entire Mariah Carey tribute album? Not only is he adorable, he’s getting a bit more daring in the outfit department. The Korean singing machine has captivated audiences since 2008 when his rendition of “Touch My Body” hit YouTube. Well he’s recorded a few more and they are nothing short of amazing. Here is his take on “Dream Lover“.

Watch out Beyonce, he’s coming after you too!

Who Knew There Were So Many "Sittin On Tha Toilet" Covers?

I am a bit late to the party with this “Sittin On Tha Toilet” business but oh man the hilarity that ensued once I finally got my Solo cup and took off my jacket. I swear I was completely sober when I watched this but for some reason it made me LLOL (literally laugh out loud). Now, while I still find the original video funny, the fact that there are at least a thousand covers of this gem is what made me cry from laughter. Like, I want to know what compels these people to record themselves singing(?) and clacking and flushing.

Here is the original masterpiece (they have disabled the embed option otherwise I wouldn’t make you leave the page…though this might make the anticipation even better.

The best cover I’ve found so far is this one. I’m not sure if it’s because the resemblance is uncanny or the impersonation is spot-on.

Here’s a fancy beatbox version which is really pretty good!

This is supposed to be the British Gentleman Edition but it’s looking a bit more Silence of the Lambs version to me

The white girl version (white girls LOVE CSI and that is a fact)

Asian dude version

So basically what I’m trying to say is, “Sittin On Tha Toilet” should be the International Anthem and they should play it before every meeting at the UN.

This Might Be The Worst Thing I Have Ever Seen Or Heard

This cannot be serious. First of all boys, put your shirts back on. If you’re not old enough to have chest hair, there is no reason to take your shirts off. Secondly, is that a fucking beret? Third, was this band formed after a single guitar lesson that was given behind a Walgreens next to a dumpster?

Are You A Fanilow?

Say what you will about Barry Manilow, the dude has some amazing songs out there. Unfortunately, these songs are getting BUTCHERED by people who think they can somehow wrap their vocal chords around the amazing works of art put out by the man with the gorgeous feathered hair.

Meet Mr. Showbiz77. There’s a reason his name is Mr. Showbiz and I’m pretty sure it is out of pure irony. “Looks Like We Made It”? Oh I don’t think so.

And here we have Nixter who definitely, certainly, does NOT use Grecian hair formula for men. His voice…isn’t terrible and I give him bonus points for the Elvis poster in the background AND his sincerity. I mean, look into his eyes, you can practically see his heart beating.

Who Covers Amy Winehouse Better? Amy Winehouse or La Pequena?

I’m as big a fan of liquor as the next blogger, but seeing what it’s done to Amy Winehouse’s memory makes me rethink some of those extra shots. Sure, she’s easy to pick on – but that’s half of her charm, no?

Our next battle of musical proportions is unlike what we will normally show because one of the singers is actually the original singer and the other is, well, a lip-synching midget tranny. So they’re basically starting off from the same launch pad.

Which queen will reign supreme?

Amy Winehouse?

Or La Pequena Amy Winehouse (pronounced, ween-chaous)