Happy Birth….d.d.d.d.day World!

My twitter followers and facebook friends got an early taste of this but I can’t stop watching because my day has been shitty and this little nugget of sweetness is melting my heart into a pool of lesbian goo and now it’s all over my office desk and the custodial staff is going to shit a brick when they see the mess I’ve left them.

I want this kid to be my personal snuggle monster. We can eat chips together and Flowbee each other’s hair and then start our own singing telegram company.


You Say He’s Just A Friend

Adam Green and Lissy Trullie’s cover of Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend” is pretty great even if it is recorded in a bathroom (or especially because it was recorded in a bathroom?) and even if it sounds to me more like, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. A for effort and A for Lissy being a hot piece.

Even Whitney Houston Knows Crack is Whack

The next video is basically the entire reason why I started a blog like this. Here is a girl, probably 13 or 14 years old, whose parents have left her alone with her computer and copy of The Bodyguard soundtrack. It seems to me that this girl doesn’t understand that a) “I Will Always Love You” is not an easy song to sing and b) just because you’ve recorded something, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to put it up. That being said, I’m certainly happy she shared this with the world.

Prepare yourself for a freak out.

William Shatner Covers Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You” – Of Course He Did

American actor George Takei at the Star Trek C...

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I am no stranger to a William Shatner cover. I’m still reeling from his cover of Pulp’s “Common People”. Last night, he graced the stage of “Lopez Tonight” and did a cover of, what else, Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You”. For some reason the embed player won’t work on here, so click it baby, click it real good.

What’s interesting about the cover is that he actually sounds a little George Takei-ish. Also interesting? One of his backup singers is dressed like Captain Kirk.

Now enjoy the Shatner/Ben Folds “Common People” and if you still have time left to waste today, check out the George Takei soundboard.

Tori Amos Covers Madonna

The only thing missing from this video’s perfection is actual concert footage. The audio will have to do though.

Imagine Will Ferrell and Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao

Congressman Pacquio actually has a pretty nice voice, he reminds me of a better-looking and better-singing version of my Rhinestone Cowboy dude.

Beat Boxing for Club Kids

Are you ready? I’m not sure you are. What you are about to witness is pretty much the best beat-boxing I’ve ever seen (and yes I actually have seen a lot). Also, this kid is really cute and I like that he and his dad/random man walking through the doorway are wearing matching tank tops. Also, pretty sure the older dude has no pants on (:08).