Autotune The BET Awards

I said gottdamn, this is the best award show appearance in the history of award show appearances. Antoine Dodson, the king of the “Hide ya kids hide ya wife” meme, was asked to perform a cover of his infamous news interview at the BET awards.

My favorite part of this has got to be the audience reaction; everyone is singing along to this jam.


Take Your Momma Out

My goodness, for some reason I didn’t think the Scissor Sister’s song “Take Your Mama Out” would be so difficult to cover – but apparently it is. Also, there are a whole lotta dudes trying to flex their guitar muscles on this one, but they need a steady dose of

This dude totally had me prepared to sign him to Ellen’s new record label – look how cute his hat is!! And he plays guitar, what could go wrong? Oh man, the singing. It’s awful. I mean, the dude can rock a bit of a falsetto but that’s about it.

This guy employs the “cut off the top of the head” technique so I can’t tell how cute he is but he’s got a little accent that he sings with which is kind of adorbs for a grown-up bearded man. If it were summertime and the living was easy, I’d probably like this more – but sadly it’s not and my judgement hasn’t been clouded by 80 degree weather.

Glee Gets INto An Empire State of Mind

I have a feeling I’m going to have to dedicate an entire category to all the songs the Glee cast covers. Surprisingly enough, I don’t hate this one – well done!

Courtney Love Covers Gaga – So Does Rest of World

I’m one of those weird people that would watch and most likely enjoy almost anything Courtney Love does. Can she sing? I’m sure somewhere underneath the layers of tar on her lungs, absolutely. Can she spellcheck? HELL NO, but that’s part of her charm. Can she censor some of her thoughts? Only behind spelling mistakes. Can she cover Lady Gaga? Well, she can certainly try: UPDATE someone deleted the original video so you’ll just have to use your imagination to come up with what Court must sound like while covering Gaga.


Really though, when there are dudes like this doing GaGa covers, everyone else should probably just step aside and let greatness reign:

Katy Perry be Damned!

I am NOT a fan of Katy Perry’s latest album (or really the album before this) but stumbled upon this cover by a young lady whose voice has somehow pulled a Ronald Miller on this song and made it go from geek to chic.

That being said, this little boy has managed to take it from chic right on back to geek and a side of why bother lip synching for YouTube when you obviously don’t know the words to this dumb song.

You know what’s weird – at first glance I thought this might be Jonathan Lipnicki, but that kid actually ended up being good-looking! This guy does get bonus points for his little neck movements though.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Kelis

Kelis’s milkshake totally brings me to the yard and her latest album, Flesh Tone, is the JAM but she can also cover one hell of a Eurythmics song. Here’s her version of “Sweet Dreams” which she performed on Later with Jools Holland.

A Killer Version of Bette Davis Eyes

OMG I am so punny! The Killers’ frontman, Brandon Flowers, is correct in saying if you don’t like Kim Carnes’ smash, “Bette Davis Eyes”, there is something wrong with you. What is not wrong, is this cover. You go boy.

Another fantastic cover from a band called Smelly Cat. Major high fives to the clapper on the right. Keep that beat momma!