Forget The Cover It’s All About Fashion

There are a few things I’m left wondering while watching this video – first of all, where did she find that amazing t-shirt? I need that in my t-shirt drawer and I need it now. Secondly, maybe more importantly, does anyone else think her two teeth look strategically placed? Thirdly, did she take air guitar lessons? Bitch can crank that shit!

If you wait til the very end, you’ll notice she has really impressive range.


Most Adorable Cover Ever

Sorry everyone else who does covers in 2011, I’ve already found someone you can’t top. First of all, A+++++++++++++ for song choice. Secondly, are you fucking kidding me with this? She CAN SING. Like, I want to dance backup in this little girl’s band. Is it sad that I’m jealous of her and she’s like, what, four or five years old?

Whip Mah Hair Done Right

This chick can sing! I love to dance as much as the next Keegan Roberts, but sometimes a slowed down bluesy R&B version of a dance jam can appease my ears more than their original. This chick is the official

Someone Hit A Wall

When I see a stage all set up and ready for some musicians, I expect a better sound than a cat in heat. Unfortunately what we have is a bunch of old dudes who probably haven’t picked up instruments since their parents forced them to try clarinet in 4th grade. How did this happen? Who is responsible for this? And why is the tempo more slow than the original. I mean, if you’re going to subject an audience to this, at least speed the shit up. I’m talking techno 1:30 minute version. Ugh, pass me the Wild Turkey.
EMBED-God-Awful Band Butchers Pink Floyd – Watch more free videos

Jon Lovitz Will Do Just About Anything These Days

There are a few wonderful things about this guy besides his uncanny likeness to Jon Lovitz. First of all, maybe it’s his eyebrows, but he looks very sincere. Secondly, his song of choice is Haddaway’s “What is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me), which is pretty awesome. Ok, so, apparently there are only two wonderful things about him. Really, his singing is about as good as Keenan Cahill’s lip dubbing skills (not good at all you guys).

Robyn Makes My Doves Cry

This cover is timely because it was just a little shy of a week ago that I was able to see Robyn in concert. She happens to be the most adorable human being to grace the face of the planet (yes she’s cuter than your baby) and her dance moves always make me squeal in delight just like every time I spy a pug butt from three blocks away. Don’t jude me, I just have a very keen appreciation of cute things.

The Swede took some time out of her busy schedule to do a cover of Prince’s timeless classic, “When Doves Cry”, and now I need to cancel everything I was supposed to do today just so that I can continue watching this video.

A Radiohead Cover with A Bonus

The only way to make an already incredibly great cover better is to listen to it while watching people fall. I don’t care if you fall on your ass, on your face, on your head (ok, a little bit on your head, I’m not the heartless bitch you thought I was!) it’s gonna be funny to me.

When I played soccer in high school, my favorite part next to actually playing was watching the other girls take ungraceful faceplants after tripping over the ball.

In college, my friends and I would sit on the curb outside of our building and watch girls walk the “catwalk” in their super high heels and just wait to watch them topple over in slo-mo. Every day, multiple times a day we were treated to laughing our asses off.

And now, I bring you a fantastic choir cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” to be enjoyed while watching girls fall over hurdles.